Cluster Request FAQs

Where do I sign up for the IBM Cloud?

The easiest place is either the `` link that this lab should have provided. But if you don't have access to it or have lost it you can go directly to: and sign up there. It will ask for a real email address and you must provide on to get your IBMid. Also some SPAM filters mark our IBM Cloud emails as SPAM, so be sure to check there.

It should be mentioned also that the confirmation email can take as quickly as 30 seconds, to as long as 10 minutes. Ifit has been longer then 10 minutes please reach out to your instructor.

I get a "too many activations" error.

This is normally due to too many people at your location requesting accounts from one IP. This normally happens at conferences, or in person workshops. There is the allowlist that the IBM Instructor should have used. If something isn't working, the best thing to do is request an account via your smart phone with WIFI OFF.

I keep getting a red box with "Something went wrong."

First off, sorry about that. Sometimes we hit some snags and we have issues pop up like this one. Please don't continuely hit the "Submit" button, please reach out to a TA or Instructor ASAP. If you are seeing this red box, it's very likely multiple people are seeing it so we need to debug what's going on.

I can't see my console on OpenShift, or the dashboard on Kubernetes.

This is most of the time due to the VPN pod on the worker nodes and the shared leader node not connecting. The easiest thing to do is restart the vpn pod by the following commands. If you aren't confortable with the Cloud Shell or command line, please reach out to an instructor ASAP.

kubectl delete pod -l app=vpn -n kube-system --wait=false

I see my cluster in "Pending" or "Error" state

Do'h! It seems our testing to validate your cluster missed one. You shouldn't have that status, you should only see "Normal" with a green dot. Please reach out to an instructor, tell them that you're machine is in "Pending" or "Error" and they can deprovision the cluster for you.